First Impressions are key!

Posted on January 27, 2017 at 7:50 AM

Our last post was focused on the exterior, now it's a key tips for the interiors first impression!

1) Foyer/entry sparkling clean, air freshner if needed. Especially when your home is on the market make sure smoke and pet oders are not present. Another thing to keep in mind are cooking odors, if you  like spicey entrees or seafood make sure you air out odors before a showing.

2) Check your front door rug, maybe a new one or clean the existing one.

3) Make sure your trim and stairs are free of chipping paint and scuff marks.

4) LET THE SUN SHINE IN! open blinds & curtains, this is vital and such an easy tip that works.

Use these proven tips for a successful first impression!

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